Greer & Co. helps clients understand the electronic security industry in the USA

Consulting Services for The Electronic Security Industry

Greer and Co. is a consulting firm specializing in electronic security. Glen Greer, principal of Greer and Co., has 25 years of experience running and providing services for electronic security equipment manufacturers. Services include:

  • Acquisitions - we have experience of acquistion search in the US and Europe, working for US and international companies
  • Market Research - we have completed a large number of custom market research studies of both professional and consumer buyers of security equipment
  • Product development - we have guided the development of cutting edge products applying new technologies such as Zigbee to security products
  • New Markets - from the inception of the company, a key focus has been assisting companies to enter new markets, especially companies that wish to enter the US market and US companies that wish to enter European markets.
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    Other sources

    I work with a number of other companies and individuals who provide unique expertise and capabilities. Two with whom I worked especially closely and can recommend are Thams & Nyas, a specialized market research firm based in Stockholm and David A. Borgelt who specializes in technical strategy and software architecture.

    Other industries

    I have also carried out projects in a number of other industries, ranging from aquaculture to defence electronics. I am especially interested at present in projects in my local state of Georgia. I am currently working on a project with a company in my home town of Athens, GA. The company is MuniRem Environmental, a company specializing in environmental remediation. I have been helping with development of a new distribution strategy, web site development, updating of smartphone apps and a number of other projects.